WhiteICE Teeth Whitening Stick

Keep Your Smile White ForeverOnce a boutique product only available through the dentist’s office, WhiteICE was named top 100 Dental Products when it was introduced in 2007.

WhiteICE is the quick, easy way to literally erase stains in minutes a day and maintain that perfect smile.

Price: $60.00


WhiteICE Key Facts

After you apply WhiteICE, the material emulsifies with saliva and soon disappears. This is how the material gets between teeth and onto irregular tooth surfaces, providing total coverage.

WhiteICE is intended as a maintenance product. It’s an antidote to exposure to foods that stain teeth. However, many people find the use of WhiteICE actually continues and improves the whitening process over time. For best results, use WhiteICE in conjunction with a primary whitening treatment like our laser teeth whitening system.

When used as directed, you should get about 20 upper and lower applications per stick. Daily use is recommended on upper and lower teeth and is normally sufficient to maintain whitening. Rinsing and brushing is not necessary after using WhiteICE, as it dissolves naturally with your saliva, leaving your mouth clean and fresh. However, if you choose to rinse or brush, you should wait at least 10 minutes.

On rare occasions users may experience heartburn, indigestion, gum irritation or tooth sensitivity. If you experience any of these symptoms discontinue use of WhiteICE and contact your physician or dentist. The symptoms can be indications of illness that may require professional intervention.

Using WhiteICE

1. Clean teeth before applying WhiteICE by brushing with any toothpaste.

2. Twist case bottom to expose a small amount of the stick. Do not extend entire stick. Lightly rub on teeth leaving a thin film. If large clumps appear, use less pressure.

3. Avoid eating, drinking or licking teeth for 30 minutes after application. The white film disappears rapidly, penetrating teeth like lotion penetrates skin. It emulsifies naturally with saliva, flowing on and between irregular tooth surfaces.

WhiteICE Ingredients

PEG-32, stearyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, water, poloxamer 407, allyl methacylate crosspolymer, mint flavor

Stain Releasing Action

WhiteICE contains papaya extract, a natural enzyme that breaks down film on your teeth, allowing stains to be released and cleansed by other elements of the toothpaste.


The primary function of any toothpaste, WhiteICE’s formula contains dicalcium phosphate, a mild abrasive that works like scrubbers to remove stains released by the papaya extract.


Clinical tests have proven that dicalcium phosphate, when properly combined with hydrated silica, effectively removes both stains and plaque.

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